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christmas day dinner – 2009

December 26, 2009

festive sammy

This was our Christmas dinner menu.  It was mostly an Ina Garten Christmas:

goat cheese cut by (mint) dental floss

blue cheese sauce

brussel sprouts

rustic maple pecan pie

gingerbread apple upside down cake

I botched the popovers and they ended up as burned hockey pucks.

BUT!  The blue cheese sauce with the prime rib was outta this world delicious.  I was the only one who ate the brussel sprouts, but I thought they were definitely the not-mushy version.  And I adored the Rustic maple pecan pie (thanks, Aimee)…mmmmm, all crunchy and sweet and nutty.  (Ella thankfully and skillfully made the desserts).

This feast took about five hours to prep and cook, but my kids did all the clean up afterwards while I napped on the couch, and also happily consumed their meal, so it was all worth it.

And just when you thought you could never eat again, we are going for dim sum with our neighbours this morning, as is our Boxing Day tradition…

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