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christmas traditions

December 25, 2009

I love reading about other bloggers’ holiday traditions.  My kids keep me honest, tradition-wise.

Here’s what they tell me:

  • Christmas Eve, everybody gets Santa jammies.  Santa stops at our house early to drop them off.
  • We can open one present each on Christmas Eve, but not the big one from you guys.
  • No waking Mom and Mike up before 7 am on Christmas morning.  They say we can open our stocking before that, but stay in our damn bedrooms!
  • At the bottom of our stocking is a mandarin orange.  There are also usually Purdy Chocolates, socks, underwear, bath stuff, DVDs and books.
  • Nothing happens as far as gift opening until Mom has her coffee.
  • We open Christmas presents one at a time, starting with the youngest kid.
  • Mom restrains herself and does not lift a finger to clean up the disaster that is the living room when we are opening presents.  She does, however, bark at us not to lose cheques or gift cards, and keeps track of who gave what in her scribbler so we can write thank you cards.
  • We always phone Grandma and Grandpa in Parksville.
  • Mom makes these weird cinnamon buns for breakfast.
  • Then we snack all day on cheese and chocolates until the feast is served.  We also have pop, ripple chips and dip, which are rare treats.
  • We can have ham, roast beef, lamb or turkey.  It just depends.
  • There are always mashed potatoes.
  • Ella does all the dessert baking because she’s our pastry chef.
  • Mom always burns at least one pot.
  • The dishwasher gets filled and started at least three times.
  • Mike is in charge of cooking the meat.
  • Mom makes us wait to eat so she can take pictures of the food.  Sometimes she takes pictures of raw food, because the lighting is better in the afternoon.
  • We watch movies, play Wii, put together puzzles and play board games with Aaron.  If the weather is nice, we play hockey outside on the backyard rink.
  • Boxing Day is all about dim sum with our neighbours, and then a movie.
  • We love helping Mom and Mike with Santa stuff for our little brother.  He keeps the magic alive for everybody.
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  1. December 27, 2009 8:04 am

    So cute! We tried to start some of our own traditions this year. Namely the one where they don’t wake us up until 6 :).

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