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modern mincemeat

December 24, 2009

modern mincemeat

My husband has this very disturbing Christmas tradition that stems from his childhood.  He buys a jar of mincemeat.  He buys a box of frozen tarts.  He opens the mincemeat.  He opens the tart box.  He scoops the mincemeat into the tarts.  He cooks in the oven for twenty minutes.  Then he eats these things he calls mincemeat tarts.

This year I tried something different.  Aimee from Under the High Chair had a brilliant recipe for Aimee’s Canadian Mincemeat. It was dead easy and consisted of throwing things in a pot and simmering until my entire house smelled just like Christmas.  Somehow this magic combination of ingredients tastes like mincemeat too, but really yummy, un-jarred mincemeat.  Without the lard.

Look at how pretty it is!  Ella filled puff pastry cups with this new mincemeat.  And then we ate one with a knife and fork.  Perhaps not as ‘traditional’ as Mike’s concoction, but a great deal more pleasing.

Happy Christmas Eve to you!

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