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spinach goat cheese risotto

December 13, 2009

spinach goat cheese risotto

Something unfortunate happened to a certain category of foodstuffs in our house.

The basket from the deepfreeze was left on the dryer overnight.  It contained many meat items, including chicken, sausage and ground steak.  I was very saddened to have to throw all the contents in the garbage.  I am not going to say who it to blame.  It was purely an accidental oversight.

But, having given half my family food poisoning on a previous occasion (long convoluted story, involving lamb), I opted to play it safe and dispose of the meat items.

So today it is -36 or some ridiculous temperature outside and I did not venture outside.  I was digging around in the kitchen for Sunday dinner.  Thankfully I had some Arborio rice in the pantry.  This led me to cook Jamie Oliver’s basic risotto recipe.

What I love about risotto is that you can add anything to it.  To the basic recipe, I added:

  • wilted spinach, cooked in brown butter with nutmeg and garlic, chopped very fine
  • 1/2 cup parmesan cheese, grated
  • a big knob of butter
  • 1/2 log of goat’s cheese
  • rind and juice of one lemon
  • lots of pepper and salt to taste

It was an exceedingly satisfying meal to tuck into on a crazy-cold day.  With loads of leftovers for Ella to heat up for lunch (she’s one of the rare kids who comes home for lunch everyday from her junior high school).

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  1. unplannedcooking permalink
    December 16, 2009 2:17 pm

    Oh, what a bummer having to throw all that stuff out! That happens to us a lot on a smaller scale… you know, you pull the chicken out thinking your hubby will be home for dinner, he ends up working late so you forget to cook it… anyway, your risotto looks great!

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