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post red deer snickerdoodles

November 22, 2009


I don’t know if you know this, but Ella, my 13 year old daughter, is not just a crackerjack baker.  She also plays electric guitar, gets straight A’s in school, and is mad about the Twilight series.

Ella plays forward on a club soccer team, which means at least 3 practices a week and one game.  Anyone has a kid in club level knows there has to be a serious commitment to the sport – Ella eats and breathes soccer.

This weekend the girls had a tournament in Red Deer.  We drove down early Saturday morning and returned tonight.  The three games were lively and highly entertaining.  Now I’m the kind of gal who spend a lot of time in the library in high school, and took the minimum requirement for phys. ed.  But I have learned to appreciate soccer, and understand why it is called the beautiful game.  As the girls get older and their soccer skills mature, watching them play is a pure delight.

The last game was the game for the gold medal.  Ella’s team was trailing 4-3, with only a minute left.  One of their defense players got ball possession and shot.  And scored!  With 0.5 seconds left. Amazing.   Sadly, they lost in the subsequent shoot out.  BUT they ended up with a silver medal.  And this lesson:

Never ever ever ever ever ever ever give up.

I wanted to make cookies for Ella’s lunch tomorrow.  I seem to be on a Smitten Kitchen jag.  These are from Deb again, but they remind me of my mom’s own Snickerdoodles.  Here’s the recipe – I followed it exactly.  The cookies are soft in the middle and crisp on the edges.   I’m so proud of my girl, and a little Snickerdoodle baking is the least I can do.

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  1. ella permalink
    November 22, 2009 8:45 pm

    thanks mum!

  2. Mom &/or Dad permalink
    November 23, 2009 9:56 pm

    And they look like Snickerdoodles of the past, too!
    Great going, Ella–Mom should be a sports commentator–what an exciting weekend you guys had. What a girl has to do for some Snickerdoodles, hey!

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