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sunterra maple cheddar burgers and rustic pear tart

November 12, 2009

I love having a Sunterra Market nearby, but I have to be very very careful just to buy specific specialty items there and NOT go grocery shopping.  For it is too expensive for everyday groceries.

But for:
a. cheese scones
b. ginger pasta salad
c. metro lemon water
d. applewood cheddar
e. food magazines
f. the butcher’s wares

I will make exceptions for these items.

There is a knowledgeable lady butcher behind the counter.  From her, I buy their premade burgers.  Sometimes they are bison, but this time they were maple cheddar.  They were most delicious – a perfect combo of cheesy filling, ground beef and carmelized maple topping.


maple cheddar burgers

I like my burgers without a top bun and piled high with mushrooms and spinach sautéed in garlic.  And you will see a slice of processed cheese peeking out – I am a bit of a neanderthal that way.

One of the blogs I follow is Straight from the Farm.  Ella and I tried to make her Rustic Pear Tart tonight.  It was a bit of a disaster.  Pastry and us do not get along.  Pastry ripped and I forgot the sugar and so put it on top and of course it leaked all over the baking pan, and we didn’t have enough pears so I put in a couple of apples and blueberries and it just went on and on.  But we will try again!  We will not be foiled!  Here is a photo, but check out Straight from the Farm for the proper recipe and lovely pictures.


rustic pear tart

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