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wildflower brunch

September 27, 2009
wildflower grill

wildflower grill

I am freshly returned from Wildflower Grill with a belly full of brunch.

For a perfect (adult) brunch experience, Wildflower nails it – albeit gently and quietly, as it should be on a Sunday morning.

There’s a soft buzz to the room when you walk in –  jazzy dance music tinkles in the background – and the host is attentive and the service is gracious.  It is considerably less bustling and rushed than the lunch experience I’ve had at Wildflower, and that’s a good thing for a lazy Sunday morning.

Start with warm crumbly cornbread with citrus butter complemented by dark French press coffee.  I love it when places bring the Bodum out  – it seems much more generous than the one-cup-of-joe at a time and constant refills.

Then comes the nicely-paced entrees.  I order my usual standard for judging a brunch – eggs benedict.  For those who scoff that breakfast food is easy – for a restaurant, making eggs and making them right is a challenge.

eggs benedict

eggs benedict

Wildflower hits the jackpot for perfect eggs benedict.  (We were not seated by a window with natural light, so my pictured eggs benedict look very sad.  I can tell you they were anything but sad.  They were very very happy eggs).

Still piping hot, coated in hollandaise sauce, not drowning in it, with properly cooked eggs whose bright yellow yolks are still soft and runny, just like I like ’em.  The eggs are perched on top of maple back bacon and an English muffin.  Served with sides of seasonal fruit salad with sweet yogurt and garlicky saucey hashbrowns, this is the best brunch that I’ve had in a very very long time.

Bravo, Wildflower! A gold star for you, another jewel in your dining crown, and kudos all around.  Highly highly recommended.  And now I’ve run out of cliches and adjectives to express my love for this brunch and this place, so it is best I wrap it up.   And I have to go recline on the couch and digest and read the newspaper.  Life isn’t half bad, is it?

Wildflower Grill
10009 -107 Street

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  1. September 27, 2009 1:25 pm

    What cliches? You crazy. I was actually enjoying all the verbs. For reals! Makes me want to hop into the car for 3 hours just to eat there.

  2. September 27, 2009 1:53 pm

    Just do it, are you gonna eat that? I dare ya! Totally worth the trip…

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