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deVine wines and spirits tasting

September 27, 2009
a bounty of wine

a bounty of wine

For Mike’s birthday, I bought both of us a present:  two spots at deVine Wine and Spirit’s tasting, which was provocatively titled: Top Drops:  An Evening of Indulgence.

We buy most of our wine from deVines, mostly because of their selection, and most of their staff are affable and accessible (read:  not snotty.  Well, one dude is, but we avoid him).  We’ve been to a wine tasting there before – a Wine Spectator top 100 version.

This tasting was a bit different.  There were only 15 participants, and we sat at a long banquet table.  The wines were all red, so they were pre-poured and busy decanting.  We were served a thyme and mushroom chicken leg with baby potatoes to match the first three wines, and then had cheese and figs to end.  Dirk, the owner, did the talking, but to be truthful he is very soft spoken and our hearing and attention faded the more wine we tasted.  By the end we thought the couple from Saskatchewan sitting across from us were very hilarious and we laughed a lot with them, with our heads thrown back and our teeth showing.

mike, my wine guy

mike, my wine guy

And the wine!  Yes, well, the bottles ranged in price from $27.99 to a whopping $244.99, but my favourite vino was a 2003 Rotllan Torra Tirant from Priorat Spain.  It was spicy and had a great nose and was complex but yummy.  I’m no sommelier, but I know what I like.  That bottle was $109.00.  We did not buy it.  That’s crazy money for one bottle!  But I can really understand getting into wine collecting.  Although it is an expensive hobby that requires loads of patience.  The cellaring wines for years at a time would just about kill me.

A wine tasting is a super fun and educational evening out.  We’d love to host one here at our house, but do you need a proper sommelier to do the pouring and explaining?  I wonder if we could do it ourselves with a bunch of research on the wines we are serving?  And with moderation in our own tasting, or the whole thing would just dissolve into an evening of silliness.  Come to think of it:  not that’s there’s anything wrong with that.  We all need a bit more silliness in our lives.

devines on 104 street

devines on 104 street

DeVine Wines and Spirits
10111 – 104 Street

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  1. September 30, 2009 1:21 pm

    Sounds like fun! Was it last Saturday night? We went to the Blue Plate that night and walked by Devine. We could see people sitting around a long table and it looked very fun and festive.

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