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pre-halifax foodie guide

September 26, 2009

Before I embark on travels to a new city, I do a great amount of research into places to eat and drink.  Chowhound helps, as does my commenters on this blog, Google, food blog searches and those ‘best of’ lists from the city’s free magazines.  Then I fiddle with Google Maps to figure out the walking distance from my hotel to the foodie destination.  Then I create my list.

And so, I present my pre-Halifax Foodie Guide.  This is what the Internet tells me to do when I’m in Halifax.  Of course, my definitive Halifax Foodie Guide will be posted AFTER I return.  I’m in a five day conference, so my eating opportunities are limited.  And sadly, the conference hotel is on a remote end of downtown, so there is a bit of a hike for any foodie place, INCLUDING COFFEE.  (This is bad).

But – for those of you who have been to Halifax – what do you think?  Strongly agree or disagree with any entry?  Am I totally out to lunch on any of the places listed?  (Pun intended).

Halifax Foodie Guide

Just us  – 1678 Barrington street 11 minutes;  Cabin Coffee – 8 minute walk;  Italian Gourmet -12 minute walk; Trident Coffee and bookstore 1256 Hollis street – two minute walk; Steve-o-Rino’s for coffee – 12 minute walk; Smiling Goat  – 15 minute walk

Saturday morning – Halifax Farmer’s Market – pick up breakfast wraps, fresh made crepes- 1496 lower water street, at Alexander Keith brewery – 6 minute walk away – julien’s for almond croissants, oysters

Saturday night: Steering Committee dinner – Morris on the east – five minute walk away, upscale pizza 5212 Morris Street, Halifax

Must go: Jane’s on the Common – for brunch or supper, local market cuisine, contemporary interior 2394 Robie Street – 36 minute walk

fid – 1569 Dresden Row – 15 minute walk – brunch on weekends, lunch, dinner – local, organic food – ‘best of’ winner

Should eat: Lobster rolls (mcelvies), Halifax donair (King of donair) deep fried pepperoni and honey mustard, bud the spud fries (grafton street, in truck)

other restaurants: Gio 1725 Market Street – 15 minute walk; The bish – five minute walk away; Hamachi House – best sushi – try the Digby scallops – 5190 Morris Street – 4 minute walk from hotel; The Wooden Monkey.– 14 minute walk – organic, veggie – 1707 Grafton street; chives, 1537 Barrington Street, 9 minute walk;  fiasco 1463 brenton street 15 minute walk

Drinks: Bitter End – 11 minute walk 1572 argyle street; Fireside – 11 minute walk 1500 brunswick street; Mosaic Bar 11 minutes – 1584 argyle street; Seven Wine Bar 12 minute walk – 1579 Grafton street; Economy Shoe Shop – for drinks, art nouveau inspired interior and comprehensive martini menu – 1663 Argyle Street (don’t go to the Dome) – 13 minute walk

Gourmet grocery store: Pete’s Frootique 15 minute walk 1515 Dresden row

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  1. September 27, 2009 10:08 am

    Great list! Loove, love Jane’s on the Common.
    My sister and her husband went to Chives last month and said it was quite overrated, so I’d drop that to the bottom of the list of options.

  2. September 27, 2009 12:42 pm

    So glad you commented…I found Jane’s on the Common on your blog…duly noted about Chives…grazie!

  3. September 30, 2009 10:03 am

    Oh you’re making me so jealous! I lived in Halifax for years and I think the food scene there is awesome. So here are my comments:

    Jane’s on the Common is amazing, a definite must-go. I would also recommend Hamachi House for great sushi and a fun atmosphere, especially because it’s so close to you. Also, I’ve never eaten at fid, but my sister, an aspiring chef, loves it, and the chef is my friend’s brother, so I would definitely recommend there as well.

    There is no better Halifax food experience than sitting outside the public library on Spring Garden eating Bud the Spud fries. Of course, the experience is complete in the heat of summer, but still possible this time of year (the cart usually stays out until it gets really cold).

    The other places I would affirm are Just Us, Trident (awesome, cozy atmosphere with all the books), Fireside (great atmosphere and often deals on martinis), Economy Shoe Shop (food is hit-or-miss but great atmosphere), Morris East (only been there once but very yummy pizza and lovely room), the market (great place to wander), and Pete’s Frootique (great stuff, expensive, but maybe not by Edmonton standards!)

    Have a great trip! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  4. October 15, 2009 1:34 pm

    I have to smile because I do the more/less the same…down to Google maps (plus I have 3 young kids and so we always try to make a schedule for what day to see what, where and when!). I look for the best places to buy regional delights like in France – Monoprix; the best Icecream in Rome…where to have the best Schnitzel in Vienna and the like. So cool. Research is FUN (and rewarding)

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