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sunterra catering

September 19, 2009
sunterra salads

sunterra salads

I’ve used Sunterra Market catering before for workshop lunches.  They have delicious wrap sandwiches.  So much so, there’s a stampede to the buffet table every time we serve them.

Tonight we went to a dinner party that was catered by Sunterra.  I was thinking, cool, these folks must be EDMONTON CELEBRITIES who get all their food catered, but the guest of honour WON his Sunterra catering by using his Sunterra card.

I’m not kidding you.  For those of you, like me, who thought those customer loyalty cards were just a sham, well, Sunterra actually had a random contest, and Robert won a new barbecue and a dinner for ten by swiping his card.

Super cool, huh?

The  friendly Sunterra staff came and barbecued steaks (oregano rub or maui sauce) custom ordered, along with potatoes and corn on the cob.  Appetizers included veggies and a big hunk of blue cheese that I happily dove into.  Dessert was a strawberry vanilla cake with white chocolate shavings in the icing.  I love white chocolate shavings just about anywhere.

Now I know how the better half lives.  I’ve had catering here in Edmonton from A Cappella before (a cocktail party – for our wedding – highly recommended) and it is awfully nice to served a freshly cooked meal in one’s home.

Sunterra Market
Lendrum Shopping Centre
5728- 111 Street

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