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culina millcreek for lunch

August 13, 2009

Because Ella and I are just impromptu kind of gals, we stopped at Culina Millcreek for lunch yesterday.  We have been eating out WAY TOO MUCH, but in my I have to empty the fridge mode, my motivation for cooking has plummeted.  This is bad for both the waistline and the wallet.  I will pay for this later.

I had meetings all morning at the Sugarbowl.  I love that the Sugarbowl allows for loitering without any pressure to buy food.  I’m not sure if they love that, but it is sure a warm place to spend a couple of hours with a newspaper, or a journal and pen or some colleagues.

Then Ella and I wandered over to Culina.  I have never been there for lunch, just for dinner on dark wintery nights.  We sat outside in the sunshine.  This was pleasant.


picture taken with camera phone

Ella ordered the grilled ham and cheese on raisin toast with pommes frites.  (I love this fancy term for French fries.  It makes ordering them ok).  Her sandwich was an unusual combo of sweet bread with savoury insides.  I had the Persian Flatbread sandwich which was a wee bit soggy.  But the quinoa salad was MAGNIFICENT!  A true masterpiece – all nutty quinoa with almonds, soft feta cheese and dried cherries.  Mmmmm, that was my absolute favourite part of my meal.  Next time I’m going to go crazy and order a full order of quinoa salad.  With prawns!  Yes I am, and you cannot stop me.

The server seemed a bit unhappy with us.  I’m not sure what we did wrong.  Maybe it was because we only had water with our lunches and didn’t order wine?  But  Ella can’t drink wine – she’s only 13!   Or maybe I shouldn’t personalize things and she was just having an off-day.  Usually the service at Culina is professional and efficient, yet warm and pleasant.

Culina has a newish website.  And I see the wine bar next door’s name has changed to BiBO from Passa Tempo.   Sitting on Culina’s patio is a lovely way to pass some time on a sunny summer afternoon.  I’d highly recommend it.

Culina Millcreek
9914 89 Avenue

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  1. ellahorne permalink
    August 13, 2009 2:25 pm

    i cant wait to go to the sugarbowl and have some applewood cheddar mac’n’cheese!

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