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a weak restaurant review of a strong restaurant – delux burger bar

August 11, 2009

I have a very weak restaurant review to share with you.  I’m not a professional at this folks, as I’m sure you can figure out.  Just look through my archives.  I don’t even have any blurry Blackberry photos.  But this is a weak review of a STRONG restaurant.

Tonight we went to Delux Burger Bar in the west end.  In Edmonton, it is nearly impossible to travel from the south side to the west end, so I haven’t been to the west end in months.  Delux Burger Bar is just across the river from where we live.  And takes 30 minutes to get to unless you can fly.  Also, there is no ‘E’ in the word Delux – I don’t know where it went to.

So I forget about this place because of the construction troubles to travel there.  It is the kind of place that I thought I would hate – it is all slick and corporate looking, and the staff all look like models.

But the wine list is grand, and the food is really great, and the staff are pleasant and helpful.  And the place is KID FRIENDLY which is really rare for an ‘upscale’ place in Edmonton.  They even have a kids’ menu, with burgers and fries for six bucks.  That’s really reasonable for a place that’s millions of miles away from Applebee’s.  Or White Spot.  Or some such thing.

Our six year old was so fascinated by the televisions in the bathrooms that he went to the bathroom twice.  We sat in a booth, which is a great place to contain wiggly kids.  I had the special:  Grilled Lobster Cheese – on ciabatta bread with tomato basil havarti and a roasted tomato.  As is my way, I took off the top of the bun and ate it, Denmark sandwich style (called Smorrebrod.  Trust me on this.  I’ve been to Copenhagen.  Well, once for a 10 hour stop-over).  Without the extra bread, I was free to eat the sweet potato fries.  Which where thin and crispy.

My Mike had a classic burger and fries.  Funny how us Canadians cook our burgers until well done, when I see in this month’s Saveur magazine pictures of medium-rare American burgers all over the place.  Why is this?  Mike’s Canadian-cooked burger was good.  (This is all I could get out of him for a review).

Aaron gobbled up his chicken fingers and fries and we hit the road.  All in all, a very successful evening out with a six year old with beans in his pants (and now fries in his belly).   Also, next time I’ll order Liane Faulder’s celebrity burger – mmmm, lamb and goat cheese.

Delux Burger Bar
9682 142 Street

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  1. August 12, 2009 8:27 am

    Oh fantastic! Next time in Edmonton, I’ll have to go!!! Thanks for the tip, sounds great to me!!!!

  2. August 12, 2009 8:46 am

    Any burger can be cooked rare if the ingredients are appropriate, from my understanding. Restaurants that offer this in the States, utilize fresh ground offerings (chuck, etc.) that they mix on site to prepare the burgers. Because their is no contamination, this then becomes just like a steak at home – cooked anyway you like it.

    Having sampled my fair share of pink burgers, there is almost no other way it seems to back to our Canadian standard. So juicy, tender, and beefier in flavour.

    If you have a meat grinder, or maybe the KA attachment, have a go at it one day.

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