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catbird ridge, summerland

August 2, 2009

catbird ridge in summerland

Disclaimer:  My father-in-law Barry and his wife Emily own Catbird Ridge Boutique Accommodations in Summerland.  So don’t be expecting an unbiased review here.

Objective comments are found on Trip Advisor here.

In Summerland, we stayed at Summerland Resort instead of Catbird.  This is because Barry and Emily are booked up all summer with paying guests.   Plus their place is adult focused and we have very loud children.   Summerland Resort is totally kid-friendly, complete with a noisy pool and kitchens in the suites.  And jet ski rental!


mike and ella on the jetski

We do go visit Catbird Ridge for pool swimming and eating opportunities.  Emily is a fine cook.  She’s been that way since I’ve known her, but now her guests get to reap the benefits of her breakfasts every morning.  Crepes!  Cherries in homemade yogurt with citrus and mangoes!  Freshly squeezed orange juice!  Emily rarely refers to a cookbook, and cooks based on experience and creativity.  She frequents the local farmer’s markets and emphasizes the seasonal and local producers, and it shows in the results.  Lucky lucky us.


peaches for aaron


you say tomato


catbird's gorgeous kitchen

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