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tough city sushi, tofino

July 28, 2009

surf tofino. in a wet suit.

Thanks to Chowhound, I can pre-research food and dining choices before we travel.   Someone recommended Tough City Sushi in Tofino, so we went to Tough City Sushi in Tofino.   It was an excellent choice for date night.

Here are what my notes said afterwards:

Mike and I had a very delightful date night, complete with buttery fresh sushi on the patio, watching the float planes take off and the house German Shepard wander about.  Service is great everywhere in Tofino – very laid back and welcoming and unresentful of tourists.  Some towns that expand in the summer aren’t like that, but Tough City Sushi is.  I love the diversity of people in restaurants here – families, guys just getting off work, fancy tourists.  It doesn’t matter – everybody has to eat.

The food was in my belly quicker than I could take a photo of it.  But here’s the view:


view at tough city sushi

There’s something magical about an evening that is a collision of adored company, interesting conversation, fresh off the boat sushi, stunning views and friendly service.  This was one for the memory books.

(And I’m never buying sushi at an Edmonton grocery store again).


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