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barbecued salmon, farmer’s market asparagus and fresh pasta with cream sauce

June 27, 2009


Gosh, this was so darn healthy that I feel like going to Dairy Queen and having a Peanut Buster Parfait or something.  Ha, I’m adult – maybe I will.  Who is going to stop me?

I borrowed Take it and like it’s Pasta with Smoked Salmon, except I left out the smoked part.  I had some salmon from Billingsgate, and asparagus from today’s Strathcona Farmer’s Market (where I almost got in a fist fight with a woman snarkily insulting our wagon that we bring to pull our six year old.  It reminded me why I like open air markets best.  And I like people who are intolerant of children less), which I overcooked.  How does one overcook asparagus?  Inattention, people, inattention.

The pasta sauce recipe was great – thanks Brooke and Court.  I left out the smoked salmon, but added a handful of chopped fresh Italian parsley instead.  The pasta was from the aforementioned market, too, from Pasta Delight.   It was a good solid meal.  But I think it would be perfect topped off with a visit to an ice cream vendor.  Where’s the Dickie Dee man when you need him?

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