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panda hut express

May 8, 2009


As you can see, tonight we did not even eat properly around the dining room table.  My family gathered around the food to fill their buffet plates so they could park themselves in front of the television to watch the Washington v. Pittsburgh playoff hockey game.

Help.  Things are bleak around here, culinary-wise and culturally too.

It appeared to be a bottom of the barrel dinner with a take away dinner from a suburban strip mall drive thru.  Surprisingly, although the service was rather surly, the food arrived home piping hot.  The ginger chicken was quite gingery, and the curry beef quite curry-y.  The Shanghai noodles were tasty and well seasoned and the shrimp and pork fried rice was perfectly fine.  The food was better than I thought it would be.  This was an acceptable I don’t feel like cooking Friday dinner alternative.  Maybe twice yearly.  It appears as if Panda Hut Express is a local business…

Where’s your favourite take away food spot in Edmonton?

Panda Hut Express
10879 – 23 Avenue
Edmonton, AB 
780 473-3663  

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  1. May 8, 2009 10:00 pm

    …and culturally too.

    uh, what would be more culturally appropriate than watching the hockey playoffs?

    (watch yer-self, girlfriend, don’t be messin’ with Stanley…)

  2. Tara permalink
    May 10, 2009 7:23 pm

    I like a falafel from La Shish once in a while. They’re on Jasper Ave & on the West end too, but not sure if they’re in your neck of the woods.

    Happy Mother’s day, btw!

  3. May 11, 2009 7:21 pm

    Hi Tara! I love those garlicky potatoes at La Shish…where was that place that you guys got that delicious take away Thai food that one time…?

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