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mmmmm cob’s butter tarts

May 6, 2009

I consider myself an expert in the realms of butter tarts.  And since the idea of making my own pastry make me shiver in my boots, I am happy to instead purchase butter tarts from a bakery.

But all butter tarts are not made equal.  Safeway’s are too gummy and bland.  Sunterra’s are often burned on the bottom.  But the Cob’s butter tarts are exactly what a butter tart should be.  Flaky crust that isn’t soggy.  Perfect blend of brown sugar and plump raisins inside.  I feel badly that Cob’s isn’t local, but the chain does stem from Vancouver.

 Are there any local bakeries that step up to the butter tart plate?

I had to take a bite out of this one for food styling purposes.  Then I had to eat the whole thing, because who else would want to eat the rest of a bitten butter tart?  Woe is me.


Cob’s Bread 
I go to this one, but there are many locations:
456 Riverbend Square
Edmonton, AB, T6R 2X2

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