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peanut butter banana cream pie

April 11, 2009


My goodness.  Ella outdid herself with dessert baking for Easter dinner.

She made Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie.  It was like eating a cloud of custard tinged with peanut butter, with big chunks of bananas hiding inside.  The crust was made from vanilla wafers, and tasted like a crunchy but moist cookie.  It was a home run, folks.  Out. of. the. park.

This recipe came from May’s Bon Appetit magazine.  They had a feature on Diner Desserts, and quite frankly, all the desserts look great to me.  I must have diner in my blood.  S’mores Dark Chocolate Pudding?  Brownie Bottom Lemon Cheesecake?  Caramel Apple Tartlets with Cinnamon Rum Ice Cream?  Count me in.  In fact, save me a stool at the counter.  I’ll be waiting for dessert with my fork in hand.

The Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie recipe is the perfect marriage of flavours.  The peanut butter is mixed with cream cheese, so it isn’t too rich.  There is a light tasting custard in the middle, so it isn’t too heavy.  And the bananas show up only in banana form, so the pie doesn’t have an overwhelming dusky banana flavour.  It was so freakin’ good that I’m thinking of having another piece.  I can hear it softly calling my name from within the fridge:  Sue!  Sue!  Will I resist?  Probably not.

Since there were no adaptations to the recipe (except Ella added a wee bit more butter to the crust, and Purdy’s was plum out of peanut brittle for decorating on top), so I will link to the recipe here.  Now you must click through to the Bon Appetit site,  make a grocery list, go to the grocery store, come home, and start mashing up vanilla wafer cookies for the crust.  This lovely takes about four hours to assemble, with all the chillin’ involved.  So you’d better get cracking. 


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