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bella italia

April 7, 2009


This is not a post about food.

Mike and I were in Italy last year this time.  We drove from Antrodoco, my great grandpa’s hometown to Le Magnolie right past L’Aquila and through the mountains.  When I looked on a map depicting the epicentre of yesterday’s tragic earthquake, I realized this photo was taken near the centre of the earthquake.  Nothing you see in this photo still stands.  It is all destroyed.

I cannot figure out how much damage Antrodoco sustained, because it is a very small town – a blip on the media’s radar.   It was within the earthquake’s grasp.   Antrodoco, and the region of Abruzzo just to the east of it, is an untouched jewel on the Italian map.  It is undiscovered by tourists, a place frozen in time where tradition and religion are queen.   The buildings are ancient, retrofitted with modern amenities and people.  The apartments and churches were not built to withstand earthquakes, and so neither were the people inside of them.

antrodoco-earlyeveningTo those who died, to those who lost loved ones in this natural tragedy – may peace be with you.  

News about donations will be up on the Canadian Red Cross site soon.

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