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cooking and screaming

April 4, 2009


There as been a proliferation of late of food memoir/recipe books.  Orangette blogger Molly Wizenburg set the bar really high with her brilliant book A Homemade Life.  Her book is finely crafted, with tight transitions from food memories to recipes.  To be released in May is  David Lebovitz’s hotly anticipated The Sweet Life in Paris.  

Adrienne Kane is also a food blogger – she writes Nosheteria, and she wrote the recently published Cooking and Screaming.

As I read Adrienne’s book, I started a little mantra that said:  Do not compare this to Molly’s book.  This is not fair.  While Adrienne writes in the same memoir/recipe genre, Cooking and Screaming is an entirely different book than A Homemade Life.  I’m not going to compare and contrast the two books here.  I’ll just say that I devoured Molly’s lovely memoir, and I found Adrienne’s book a more challenging read.

Cooking and Screaming is subtitled:  Finding my own recipe for recovery.  The author had a stroke at the tender age of 21, and writes about her recovery alongside her recipes.  She talks about rehab, and her subsequent move to New York, and attempts to get her cookbook published.  It is clear that this book is a mash-up between her journals and her recipes.  

I’ve got a personal interest in disability, and I was hoping that Cooking and Screaming would be a hopeful book for people who live with disability.  In retrospect, I think this was an unfair expectation for Kane, who is still young, and clearly not involved in the disability world.  She’s still struggling with her own recovery from a stroke, and she uses the food world as an escape from her daily life.  The stories and recipes aren’t tied closely together – a recipe appears after every chapter, but there is little mention of the actual food reference.   Kane is coming from her own place, which is both early in her acceptance of disability, early on in her food career and also early on as her career as a writer.

I look forward to bookmarking Nosheteria and following Adrienne Kane’s blossoming career.  In fact, the writing on her blog is witty and succinct, and the photographs are clean and professional – clearly the blog is a good vehicle for her.  

In the meantime, kudos to Adrienne for getting a book published so early in her career – I look forward to her future writings…

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