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let them eat cake – chocolate raspberry torte edition

March 30, 2009

raspberrytorte1Ella is a Fearless Baker.  Aaron was talking about having a chocolate birthday cake with raspberries, so she rolled up her sleeves and made this complicated beast of a cake.

It is from Best of Bridge, the Winners Edition (also known as the ‘green’ book).  Thankfully I found the recipe on-line because it is massive – ingredient and instruction-wise.  And so worth it.  This is particularly easy for me to say because Ella made the entire cake herself.  All I did was cut through the layers with a large knife so we didn’t end up in the ER with her fingers chopped off.

Isn’t this a beautiful torte?  It has four layers, with whipping cream-raspberry filling.  What’s unique about this cake is the frosting – it is merely sour cream and melted chocolate – somehow it all works.  By mistake Ella added 1/4 ground dark coffee beans (Kicking Horse Kick Ass, to be exact) instead of making actual  liquid coffee.  This caused the cake turn into an espresso cake, with a bit of crunch and a lot of kick.  

It is very dense and very rich, and tooth-achingly good.  This is a special occasion cake, to be sure.   But how often does your youngest boy turn six?

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  1. April 1, 2009 11:14 am

    I am loving all the recent cake posts. They make my mouth water!

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