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25 best things to eat in edmonton

March 25, 2009

The new issue of Avenue Magazine has an article by Gail Hall about the 25 Best Things to Eat in Edmonton.  Apparently this is their first annual list – what do you think?  Did she nail it, or do you quibble with some of the items?  (If you click around on Gail’s site, check out her cooking classes and culinary tours.  I’d love love to go to Chicago in May – and Greece/Turkey in the fall – wouldn’t that be great?  <insert sigh here>).

I think I need to eat my way through this list.  I don’t get out much.  

  • I think the best hummus is G’s Hummus, which is available at Planet Organic.  Chunky and garlicky, it is most delicious when paired with The Happy Camel’s perfectly soft pitas.
  • I also love the Italian sandwich from Zenari’s – I always called it a muffaleta – maybe I was wrong?  They’ve been producing that sandwich for at least 15 years, for I used to order it a very long time ago when I worked for an unnamed government ministry downtown.  My only gripe is that I get the poppyseeds stuck between my teeth.  But I think that’s a fault of my teeth, not the sandwich.
  • I do eat a Fat Frank’s hot dog once a year, sitting on a bench in Rice Howard Way with my Mike.  There’s something very summer-Edmonton about that.
  • Dadeo’s sweet potato fries are indeed very good.  If you can get a seat in the popular adults-only diner. 

I realized my own list would include drinks too, like so:

1.  Cappuccino at Leva.  No, I don’t work on commission for Leva, but I should.  I love that place.
2.  Chai at High Level Diner.  There’s something about the milk/tea/sweet mixture that is just done perfectly there. 
3.  Wild Earth’s scones.  Especially the white chocolate raspberry ones.  These are pillowy goodness.  
4. Sugar Bowl’s banana cream pie.  This likely consumed my daily quotient of calories, but it was so worth it.   

It is hard to put one’s finger on the quintessential Edmonton food experience.  Perogies?  Steak?   Elephant ears at the Folk Fest?

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