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the foodess whoopie pie

February 25, 2009

There are a growing number of food blogs with drop dead gorgeous food stylin’ photos on them.  Blogs like Orangette, Chocolate and Zucchini, Cream Puffs in Venice, and Smitten Kitten.

All these blogs are pretty well known, but I was pleased to recently happen across a Canadian blog, the Foodess, who is from Vancouver.   Her photos and descriptions are lovely.  And how could Ella not resist trying a recipe called Whoopie Pies with Salted Caramel Buttercream?  It has humble ingredients, but it is a bit complicated to make.  Follow the Foodess recipe carefully.

whoopiepieOK, so maybe our Whoopie Pie doesn’t look like the Foodess one.  The Foodess one looks like a Godess.   But Ella worked diligently for a good hour to make these, and they taste delicious.  Soft and pillowy and chocolatey.  Ella is a stellar baker and we have five years to save up for culinary school tuition for her.  Maybe in Paris, non?

The cookie part is actually more like a soft cake with a cookie crust on the outside.  And the Salted Caramel Buttercream?  Well, I’m thinking of changing my name to Salted Caramel Buttercream because it tastes that good.  This is a mash-up of everything I love to eat.  Salt.  Caramel. Butter.  Cream.  About 77% of my body weight is made up of those ingredients.

I have never had a Whoopie Pie before.  It appears to be of Amish origin , from the eastern US.   Kind of the grandma of the Twinkie, but much much better because it is homemade and not stuffed full of preservatives to make it last forever.

We have a container full of Whoopie Pies.  I’ll make some chai.  Let the finale of Top Chef begin…

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  1. February 26, 2009 11:25 pm

    Thanks for the mention – glad you liked them!

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