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top chef – tom says ‘chef pants’

February 4, 2009


Well, this week’s Top Chef was delectably good.  The Leah/Hosea romance thing is dead, thank god, and despite the obvious camaraderie the group has with each other, there’s still enough tension in the air to merit good television.  They are back to cooking, this time in a big fishy way.

Top Chef keeps me in suspense all evening.  Usually I’m accurate with my prediction of elimination.  This week, I guessed no less than TEN times who was going to go home.  And there are only six contestants left so I guessed some of them twice.  I thought everybody except for Stephan was on the chopping block for one reason or another. Stephan knew how to peel and fillet a moving eel.  He gets to stay because of this maximum grossness factor.

In the Quick Fire Challenge, Leah gives up on filleting her fish – what kind of Top Chef gives up in the middle of a challenge?  That girl is hopelessly confused, and I guess three times that she’s the one to be eliminated.    Jamie starts whining and actually insults the guest Chef Eric Ripert, saying she doesn’t find his dishes inspiring.  <insert foreboding music here>.

The quick fire is fish filleting and the elimination challenge is reproduction of Chef Ripert’s seemingly simple but really very complex fish dishes.  It is a fishy show folks.

Carla, despite her catering job, apparently went to a French culinary school in Washington DC (?) and has the chops to cook French food.    Hosea works in a seafood restaurant, but this doesn’t help him any as he ends up in the bottom three.  He also shows his anti-Euro cards against Fabio and Stephan…which will end up biting him in the butt, trust me. 

Stephan seems humbled because he was in the bottom three last week, and Fabio is spouting his famous adorable quotes, like:  I don’t like food that is foo-foo, and in reference to Chef Ripert:  we are on the same border (of Italy and France).  We also find out he loves mushrooms.  So do I, Fabio, so do I.

The ending is SHOCKING when Jamie not Leah goes home.  I am still sitting here in stunned shockness.  I guess the judges never judge on previous excellent dishes, because Jamie is an overall better cook, but just bombed this challenge with her salty celery.

But some good news – the show ended at 9 pm instead of 9:30 pm because the Hinterland commercials are gone!  Good riddance!

Next week:  Mystery people eating food in bad lighting.

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  1. February 5, 2009 4:39 pm

    I’m glad it went back to being one hour. For me, it was the oatmeal commercials that were boring the heck out of me. Good episode, but totally surprised by Jaime getting the boot.

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