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Fabio respects the pigs!

January 16, 2009

Ella and I have fun taking notes during Top Chef.  Here are more comments from this week’s episode, where the participants go to a farm! (CAUTION:  SPOILERS).

  • I have to say my least favourite person is Jeff.  He’s all earnest and makes these crazy fancy pants complex dishes that don’t look like real food to me.
  • Although Stephan is closing in on ‘most hated’ Top Chef contestant.  He actually called Jamie a douchebag.  That’s not very proper or Finnish of him. 
  • The show seems to be fading from concentrating on cooking to focusing on drama.  There is some Hosea/Leah budding forbidden romance (perhaps his wife and her boyfriend won’t be pleased to see images of this) and Top Chef is creeping into solid soap opera territory.
  • OK, for the show – Quick Fire is a ridiculous contest of using canned goods to make a meal, which is gross.  There are lots of spam soups.  In fact, Stephan wins with a spam soup and a spam sandwich.  Radhika falls out of my favour with her insult against ‘housewives’ – in reference to the canned goods – This looks like something housewives would use.  WTF?  Memo to Radhika – who do you think watches the show?  She’s now on my shit list too.  What’s with her constant bread pudding recipes?  This isn’t Top Bread Pudding.
  • So for the elimination challenge, they head to a real live farm, Blue Hill Farm at Stone Barns.  I’m current reading Omnivore’s Dilemma, so I find this especially interesting.  Most of these chefs are far removed from a farm environment, although they say they locally source ingredients.  But they seem like fish out of water. 
  • They draw knives to cook pork, lamb or chicken.   The lamb team literally butchers the heck out of their lamb.  Ariane doesn’t know how to cut meat and neither Leah nor Hosea bother to help her.  Why is she pounding the heck out of perfectly good, fresh lamb?  It is painful to watch. 
  • The New Judge (aka Toby Keith) was oddly quiet, except for his ‘sex with pigs’ comment (huh?).  Padma was very vocal and oddly giddy during judging.  Maybe she had too much wine with her meal. 
  • I was shocked that Ariane, not Leah went home.  I guess Ariane’s devilled eggs from past shows finally caught up with her.  And they needed to keep Leah for the Hosea romance angle.
  • Oh Top Chef, don’t let me down next week.  REFOCUS PEOPLE!  It is about the food (and Fabio).  
  • And Food Network, why do you air diet commercials during your shows?  It is very disconcerting…
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  1. madalenab permalink
    January 16, 2009 10:30 am

    I was glad to see Ariane go, but would have been just as happy to see Leah or Radhika be eliminated. So far this season Hosea is my favourite. I should probably choose Fabio as he is my countryman, but I like Hosea. Stefan is just rude but he makes some amazing dishes. I will pass on the spam soup and sandwiches!

  2. January 16, 2009 11:33 am

    What is up with Food Network commercials lately? They’re on to the whole Nutrisystem thing right now, and I don’t get it. I thought the channel was supposed to be about cooking real food?!
    I think the worst ones though, are the weird/creepy Swiss Chalet commercials they show in between Iron Chef.

  3. January 16, 2009 12:02 pm

    Yes, the Nutrisystem commercials decrease my pleasure in watching food shows. If I’m on a diet, I’m not watching food network, people!

    Ariane needed to go because she needed a haircut, PRONTO!

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