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wildflower grill

December 30, 2008

Now, Sharon over at Only Here for the Food has done a great job of reviewing Wildflower Grill.  Twice.   She also took fabulous pictures in the restaurant, which I find nearly impossible to do.  So let’s just let her words and pictures stand.

I will just add that I like Wildflower Grill too.  Very much.  I’m not ready to declare love for the place yet, but it is close.  We went there for a Code Technology holiday lunch.   It broke the bank for most expensive lunch ever.  That’s bad.  But then the service and food were superb.  So that’s good.  I think they then cancel each other out.  Plus, I wasn’t paying, so I had a glass of wine (Da Vinci Chianti), entree and dessert. (Later on, for dinner that night, I ate a ham sandwich).

The Wildflower Grill is downtown, just north of Jasper on 107 street.  It is across from the Capital Health Centre, so I bet they get a lot of customers wandering across the street from there.  It is a swank place in a smart location.

The decor at the Wildflower is textured.  Chain curtains, little glass tile walls, big cream brick walls, net placemats and an open wine rack.  Even the cutlery is etched.  They were playing dance music on the stereo system, which to me says:  I’m urban!  I’m hip!  (I’m neither.  But the restaurant was).  There were a lot of tables of two drinking wine at noon there.  The place is decadent, even in the middle of the day.

Our server was demure and professional.  I think they must have read Sharon’s review that spoke of the abrupt greeting of do you have a reservation?  When you walk in the door now, the plaid-tied host now says, did you get a chance to call us about your table today?   I thought that was a change for the better.

The open kitchen at the back of the restaurant serves up lux fare.  I ordered the Primavera Fruits de Mer which was sauteed seafood and shellfish (big fat prawns, white fish, mussels, oysters) and linguine.  The diced vegetables on top of the linguine were a bit weird – small perfect squares of carrots and unknown yellow vegetables that looked like they came out of a frozen bag, circa 1979.  BUT.  The seafood made up for it.  The sauce it was simmering in was grand marnier citrus concoction that was creamy and sweet and spicy all at the same time.  I could have taken a vat of that sauce and had a bath in it.  It was that good.  

My partner had the Alberta Prime Roast Beef that arrived perched upon a giant Yorkshire pudding.  It was a wee version of the big Sunday dinner, served with crispy fries and spicy aioli. 

The desserts are very expensive ($12 each), or maybe I thought that because I don’t get out much.  My companion had a belly full of roast beef, so we shared what is termed:  Berry Trifle and White Ambrosia Mango Beignets.  I had no idea what a Beignet was until it arrived.  It is a doughnut.  With no hole in it.  The custard, berries and mangoes were marinated in Grand Marnier and Port.   You cannot really go wrong with that.  Wildflower Grill knows how to cook a mean sauce – sweet or savoury.

Wildflower Grill is for those with a hefty expense account (do those even exist anymore?), or for a special occasion.  This place impresses, and is ideal for a client lunch or romantic date – save up your loonies and you will be fine…

Wildflower Grill
10009 – 107 Street
Edmonton, AB

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  1. December 30, 2008 2:56 pm

    I track beignets all over the city because my sister LOVES them. She got addicted to them when she was living in France.

  2. December 30, 2008 2:59 pm

    I feel shame that I did not even know what they were. There goes 6 years of French classes down the drain…if you’d like four $12 beignets, Wildflower Grill is the place to go!


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