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crosswords and cream horns

December 28, 2008


My brother and his girlfriend were in town from Vancouver, and we had a day filled with wii game playing and Italian food eating.

I guessed that everybody was tired of the traditional ‘big meal’ (meat, potatoes, starch, dessert), so we went Italian instead.  Mike made Ella’s favourite pasta, the Italian sausage one from Jamie Oliver.  If we were going traditional Italian, we would have included a meat course and vegetables, but instead we filled up on antipasto and brushetta.  We found the most delicious Spanish sheep’s cheese at the Italian centre called Manchego, and I drizzled honey over it and served it with ciabatta bread, salami, prosciutto, provolone cheese, almond-stuffed olives and artichoke hearts.

For salad I roasted some iffy looking tomatoes, and combined them with a drizzle of olive oil (we have a few drops left from the olive oil farm that we stayed at last April), balsamic vinegar, chopped red onion, and torn mozza balls.  I picked up some cream horns from the Italian Centre bakery and that was dessert.

On the agenda for today:  more cream horn eating and Globe crossword puzzle head-scratching.  Anybody know the word for 81 down, Delicacy of meaning (8)?

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