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my favourite cocktail

December 22, 2008

 I go on jags with my favourite drink. 

I don’t drink beer which has caused me problems for the past 20 years, ever since I was in university.  This was in the pre-cooler days and I was reduced to drinking apple cider bottled drinks.  Today if I’m in a bar, I always order something out of the bottle.  Because there are certain Canadian chains out there that dilute their martinis, I’m sure of it.  So sticking with the bottle means I get the alcohol content I’m paying for.  I like Smirnoff’s Ice because it isn’t pink, orange or too sweet.

This fall I moved into vodka Pomtinis, which are vodka, pomegranate juice and lime juice.   Now I’m very fond of Amaretto.  I ordered Amaretto on ice at a high-end restaurant and the waiter looked at me as if I was mad.  Is this such a weird drink?  It tastes like liquid almonds, buddy!  It is really good.   Although Food Network tells me it may or may not contain almonds, which is really odd.  I’m going to forget I ever read that particular piece of information and keep on drinking my Amaretto.

When we were in Italy last spring, I tried ordering Amaretto.  It must be called something different in Italian.  I never found it and gave up and just drank Chianti and Montepulciano D’Abruzzo red wine instead.  This was not much of a hardship.

On the Internet, people are doing all sorts of strange things with Amaretto.  They are cooking scallops in it.  And putting it in baking like trifle and ice cream and chocolate pudding. 

I do not like to mess with perfection.  What I do is squeeze in half a lemon in an ounce of Amaretto and serve over ice.  This is known as an Amaretto Sour, if you want to get all fancy on me. 

I actually wouldn’t mix it with anything else because the Amaretto itself stands well on its own.  But not at 3 pm in the afternoon.  Be reasonable people!  I had to set this glass up for food styling purposes only and I am not drinking itArsenic Cocktail hour around here starts at 6 pm, not 3 pm.  I am eating a butter tart instead.



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