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roast beef with creme fraiche horseradish and roasted beets

December 21, 2008

Things have been quite dire dinner-wise here the past few days.  We’ve been eating at Tim Horton’s (Thursday, before Ella’s soccer game), then a Friday dinner of gross-ish appetizers like chip and dip.  The eggnog mixed with spiced rum and brandy saved that particular ‘meal’.  Look, photo evidence:

Then last night we ate at Hoang Long.  I did not take pictures or notes, but I can tell you this was the freshest Vietnamese food I’ve had in Edmonton.  The shrimp salad rolls were stellar, and I consider myself an expert of the shrimp salad roll.    The service was speedy, and it was a perfect place to take a five year old boy who loves spring rolls and rice before a jaunt down Candy Cane Lane.

All these iffy dinners are due to the fact we are hosting no less than five holiday meals over the next two weeks.  So I think I’m saving all my cooking energy for those dinners. 

Tonight was our first foray into the holiday dinner.  My two stepsons came over for Sunday roast beef dinner.  Here’s how it unfolded.


Roast beef with anchovy garlic lemon rub. Roasted beets.

This is courtesy of Jamie Oliver.  I had a kick-ass rib roast from Sunterra.  I rubbed it with a mashed up paste of rosemary, olive oil, anchovy paste, lemon rind and salt and pepper.  I boiled the beets for 50 minutes, peeled them when cool and then tossed in a bowl of basalmic vinegar, olive oil, and thyme sprigs.  I threw them in with the roast for thirty minutes.

cremefraicheHorseradish with creme fraiche.

Then I mixed three tablespoons of bottled horseradish with two tablespoons of creme fraiche and half a lemon, juiced.  Added some chopped parsley.

Garlic parmesean mashed potatoes.

Potatoes, quartered and cooked with the skin on.  Then mashed with whipping cream, butter, a dollop of sour cream and 6 minced garlic cloves.  Transferred to a casserole dish and grated Parmesan on top. Warmed in oven for 15 minutes.

maplecarrotsMaple Carrots.

Oy, this was really good.  I could have poured the sauce into a mug and drunk it.  Dice carrots into 1/2 inch dimes.  Boil for 8 minutes in water, salt, 1/4 cup butter and three tablespoons sugar.  Drain and set aside.  When ready to serve, melt 1/2 cup butter with 6 tablespoons brown sugar, 1/4 teaspoon of dried chilies and pepper.  Add carrots and warm through about ten minutes.  Serve with chopped fresh Italian parsley.

fonduestuffChocolate Fondue with Amaretto Pound Cake.

I bought some Rogers Chocolate fondue chips.  Then I threw them in the fondue and put on the stove until melted.  I served with cubed Amaretto Pound Cake (store bought), pineapple chunks, apple slices and banana pieces.

We also had Cob’s Bread butter tarts.  Which I adore.  Blurp.  Time to go digest on the couch…

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  1. December 22, 2008 4:46 pm

    That meal sounds amazing! Can you buy creme fraiche in Edmonton? Whereabouts?

  2. December 22, 2008 4:50 pm

    I found creme fraiche at Save-On – it was $6.49 for 170 g. It was in an odd section – like the deli section (I think).


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