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ginger chocolate-chip bars

December 10, 2008


Recipe three of four from Real Simple.

Thankfully, these were pretty good.  I was feeling a bit despondant about Christmas baking in general.  If you like coffee cake, you will like this.  Cake-like squares, barely tasting of ginger…this is mostly a chocolate chip show.  The topping comes out nice and crackly and the chocolate chips keep everything moist.  They are not very Christmasy, though.  They remind me more of something you’d serve in the afternoon with coffee to the other playgroup moms.   Not like there’s anything wrong with that.  Maybe if you ramped up the amount of ginger in the recipe, they would taste more seasonal.

But at least I did not screw it up!  <Insert hallelujah here>.

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  1. theforkandknife permalink
    December 11, 2008 11:44 am

    This sounds like a good treat– definitely a departure from the normal brownies/cookies you see lying around everywhere this season. I may have to bring these into the office! Thanks.

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