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breadland, home of the lovely croissant

November 20, 2008


So there’s nothing better than running from your car in the freezing, whipping wind into a warm cosy bakery.  That’s what I did this morning, and I was almost knocked out by the gorgeous aromas in Breadland when I pulled open their door. 

Yeah, a bakery in Edmonton!  Let’s frequent Breadland, folks, so it stays open and viable.  Edmontonians are notoriously tough on independent food places.  Yes, their bread is more expensive than the grocery stores, but you are paying for fresh product, basking in warm personal customer service, and supporting local entrepreneurs. 

There’s an excellent article about Breadland by Jan Hostyn on the Vue Weekly site, so I won’t reinvent the wheel.  I can say that the proprietor there this morning was exceedingly customer savvy and knowledgeable about her product.   I bought ciabatti (a real weakness for me), pita bread (yeah!  Somewhere other than Happy Camel that makes their own pita) and chocolate croissants.  I have to hide the croissants because my 6′ 2″ 15 year old son is chocolate croissant crazy and will vacuum up every last one. 

If I don’t want foodstuffs to mysteriously disappear, here’s what I am reduced to:


I ate a sample croissant.  I had to do it for this blog.  As all good croissants are apt to be, it was very flaky.  I made a mess all over the place with it.  This is a good sign of buttery goodness.  The other good sign was the big chunk of semi-sweet chocolate that wove its way through the middle of the croissant.  So each bite was first: soft butter and then chomp: dark chocolate.   Oy.  I think these are what they serve in heaven.

Breadland Organic Whole Grain Bakery
11642 104 Avenue
Oliver Square, Edmonton

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  1. November 21, 2008 1:27 pm

    I really must go and see what Breadland has to offer. I live just a block away, and yet I’ve never been inside. I really have no excuse, seeing as it’s part of my neighbourhood.

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