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November 18, 2008


Life is sweet. 

Wine glass courtesy of my husband, by way of Zenari’s.  This is a downtown take-away/casual sit down Italian restaurant.  The menu hasn’t changed in Zenari’s in twenty years.  There was no Internet 20 years ago, so Zenari’s has no website.  Some of the staff are exactly the same, too.  It must be a place that demands employee loyalty.

There is a line up out the door at lunch hour of well-heeled lawyers from Manulife lining up for their muffalettas and cappuccinos.  I, too, like the thin muffalettas which are covered in poppyseeds (which I pick out of my teeth all afternoon) and are warm with melted cheese and italian meats. 

Attached to the restaurant is a little cooks’ shop.  They have the most gorgeous items – many imported from Italy.  We have a large red platter from there that I adore.  And these new wine glasses, with spotty stained glass designs splatted on them.  They are best filled with Nk’Mip Meritage.  (Note:  please send cases of this vino to us for Christmas. It is hard to find in Alberta).

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