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the lowly hamburger

November 16, 2008


Saturday nights are traditionally a night for simple fare in our family.  Usually social plans abound, and one or more kids need to be fed before they dash out of the house, or our husband/wife date night ensues.

Last night, I had been at a Food Writing course all day, and Mike was headed to a hockey game.  So instead of eating a cold $8 Rexall hamburger (him) and cheese and crackers (me), we decided to make hamburgers.

My husband’s recipe for hamburgers is as follows:  use ground steak because it is more lean.  Add an egg and Montreal spice and mix up with your hands in a bowl. Then carefully attend to your barbecue until the burger is just cooked through.

The key to a good hamburger is an array of acoutrements.  My hamburger was dressed with red onion, arugula and mushrooms fried in butter and minced garlic.  And fresh avocado sliced on top.  And yes, that is processed cheese melted on top.  This is the only time that I eat processed cheese, and diehard foodies may be appalled, but old habits do die hard.

My other acoutrement is the sweet face of my beloved youngest son who just had to be included in the  photo.  Hamburgers count among his most beloved food…along with pizza and grilled cheese sandwiches.

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