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mom lunch

November 14, 2008

Since I’m a mom, sometimes I have other moms over for lunch while our kids have a playdate.   I thought I was done the playdate thing about ten years ago with my older kids…but somehow I popped out another kid (I’m not sure how that happened), so I’m revisiting the mom lunch all over again. 

I’m too old and tired to make everything from scratch to impress my new friends.  So I do a variation on the homemade lunch, a la Italia, and it is still a hit.   May I now pause to be thankful for Sunterra Market.  While ridiculously expensive, it is a lifesaver for entertaining…

Genoa salami, garlic sausage, cheese buns, havarti, old cheddar and smoked gouda cheese.  And Sicilian olives.

Orzo salad, from Sunterra Market in Lendrum mall.

Squares from Sunterra.  Which we did not eat because Cathy kindly brought some yummy homemade brownies.  But aren’t they pretty?

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