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saturday night sausages

September 27, 2008

This was a very pleasant Saturday night dinner.  Quick, easy and adult.  (Aaron ate veggie hot dogs and ciabatti bread with butter).

First, the salad.  Arugula, tomatoes (from our garden) quartered, salted and left to drain for 20 minutes, asiago cheese (sliced with a vegetable peeler).  For the dressing:  olive oil, dried oregano, salt and pepper, freshly squeezed orange and lemon and a splash of balsamic vinegar.

Italian sausages from the Italian Centre, cooked on the barbecue.  Served with balsamic glaze, which was introduced to me at my father-in-law’s.  He owns a boutique hotel in Summerland, and he and his wife know how to cook.  Now I’m hooked on balsamic glaze, which is stupidly expensive, but worth it.  (It cost me $9 for a tiny bottle from Sunterra). 

Risotto.  From a box.  But without the seasonings.  I followed the directions, but used chicken stock instead of water, and added fresh asparagus tips while the stock was boiling.  At the end, I added chopped mint, lemon zest and juice, butter and parmesean.  It was not very in-season, but it was yum.


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