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goat cheese leek sausage risotto

September 11, 2008

This Tragedy of the Burned Pot led to this:

I DID stir the risotto, for close to an hour.  It must have gobbled up 2 litres of chicken stock.  It was a piggy risotto, and a mean one too – hiding bits on the bottom of the pot that ended up burning.  It doesn’t look like the burned bits are coming out.  Sorry pot.

Dinner was delicious, though, despite the tragedy.  I used Jamie Oliver’s basic risotto recipe, and then added:

  • one leek, white and light green bits cut thinly and fried in butter and 2 tbsp water for twenty minutes
  • turkey sausage with fennel, cut into one inch pieces and browned in olive oil and garlic
  • lemon zest and lemon juice from one lemon
  • lots of Parmesan cheese grated in
  • half a round of goat cheese folded in and the other half crumbled on top
  • some fresh mint

How can you go wrong with those ingredients?   You can’t, if you watch your risotto carefully until it is creamy (Be patient.  Very patient young grasshopper).  And don’t burn the bottom of the pot.


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