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barbecued pork ribs dinner

August 3, 2008

Yesterday, we had what I’d term a good ole boys dinner – a hearty Saturday night dinner, mostly barbecued by Mike.  I did not crack open a cook book to make this.  In fact, I did the prep and Mike did the cooking.

Barbecued pork ribs – boil the heck out of some sectioned ribs in a big stock pot for two hours.  Season with salt and pepper and barbecue.  Slather on barbecue sauce on one side of the ribs before serving.

Roasted peppers –  cut up peppers into flat pieces.  Place in pan, cut side up, with olive oil in bottom. Season with salt, pepper and fresh basil.  Barbecue for half an hour.  Place in bowl with saran wrap for half an hour.  Peel and serve.

Rosemary potatoes – section baby potatoes into four and put into pan.  Season with olive oil, salt and pepper and rosemary.  Barbecue until done.

Corn on the cob – ummm…boil until done!

Foccaccia bread – buy from Cobs Bread!  Serve with olive oil and balsalmic vinegar mixture.

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