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i heart leva

July 13, 2008

Mint chocolate chip and chocolate gelati.  Half-eaten

My favourite place in Edmonton for cappuccino and gelati is Leva.  It is a charming modern coffee house by the university.  Here’s a great interview with the owners.

They do Italian espresso drinks up right.  Their gelati is creamy and displayed beautifully, just like they do in Italy.   They use fresh ingredients, and believe in supporting local farmers.   They have panini and little desserts.  Aaron’s favourite menu item are the Yoga nectars, because they come in little Aaron-sized bottles.   Plus they have live music in the evenings.  One night it was a singer-songwriter with his acoustic guitar; last night it was violin and cello and there were some guys unloading their drums in the back alley.  They have even put pretty planters full of flowers and created a raised garden on the median beside their outdoor patio.

Does it get anymore perfect than that?  Oh wait, it does

My favourite thing about Leva, except for its location, funky space, gelati, live music and cappuccinos is its staff.  This is a hip place, don’t get me wrong, but the staff are young, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and friendly to all their customers.  When we walked in yesterday with Aaron, the guy behind the counter had a huge smile on his face.  To me, this is really really important for an eating establishment.  The staff are exceedingly well-versed in customer service, and don’t discriminate who they will chat with and who they won’t.  They know their espresso, but they aren’t snotty about it. 

For once upon a time I used to be a hipster, and now I’m just a 40 year old soccer mom.  Sometimes I am invisible in these types of trendy cafes.  (Transcend Coffee, take note).  But Leva clearly values all their customers.  And that’s why I heart them.  Leva feels like my neighbourhood coffee bar.   Good work, lads.

Leva Cappuccino Bar
11053 – 86 Avenue
Edmonton, AB


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