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slow food indulgence

June 17, 2008

Last night I did something out of character. I bought tickets for an event that we weren’t specifically invited to.  We went as the general public to the Slow Food Indulgence

For various reasons (100 Mile Diet book, trip to Hawai’i, trip to Italy, Jamie Oliver cookbooks), I have a great interest in this slow food phenomenon.  It isn’t actually a new phenomenon.  Slow food is just getting rid of all the frozen preserved crap and eating fresh.  Eating local.  And enjoying what we eat.  Like in the olden days!  Before poptarts and tater tots.

There was a very good article in yesterday’s Edmonton Journal about eating healthy.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever read anything like it before.  Dr. Arya Sharma is the medical director of our health region’s weight wise program.  I think this article feeds into the whole slow food thing (pardon the pun).

Anyhow, the evening last night.  I’d say it was a deluxe Taste of Edmonton or Heritage Days.  But it was inside, in a hotel ballroom, and complete with silent auction (I’m hoping for a phone call today to say I WON something – oh yeah, you have to pay for silent auction items…you don’t win them), fancy dressed up people, and tables serving local food by local restaurants and local(ish) wine (from BC).  I saw my old editor there from Food for Thought.  I used to write for them about 6 years ago.  I should have gone up and networked, but I’m really abysmal at selling myself in that way.  Also, the silent auction included a painting by Jill Thomson, an old friend of mine.   

Your fifty buck ticket got you a little plate at every single of the 16 tables.  We ate our way through the room, but mixing little shots of red wine without water in between soon gave me a wicked headache.  But there was some outstanding food:

  •  Rosemary-orange braised Carmen Creek Bison short ribs – made by Il Portico restaurant
  •  Pulled rabbit sandwich (sorry little bunny) from SeanAnam All-Natural Rabbit, preparted by Cafe de    Ville
  • Hog wild Italian-style boar sausage wrapped in puff pastry with roasted garlic and basil aioli, surprisingly prepared by Delta Edmonton South (I say surprisingly because I’ve eaten there before)

The boar sausage roll was really yummy.  But put anything in pastry and serve it with mayonnaise, and I’m first in line to buy it.  I was thinking, I should buy some boar and serve it to the kids and not tell them what it is, so I picked up a pamphlet to see where I could buy it.

There was a quote on the back of the pamphlet that said:  It is harder than it looks!  And I thought – what?  It is harder to cook it?  Eat it?  And then I realized the pamphlet was for boar HUNTING.

Well, I don’t think I will go boar hunting anytime soon. 

Eating local, yes.  Slaughtering local, no.  I’ll pay someone else to do that for me.

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