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father’s day feast

June 15, 2008

We feast a lot around here.  No wonder I don’t lose weight.  Oh well.  Never trust a skinny cook.

On the father’s day feast menu:

hummus and pita (from the farmers market)
grilled marinated pork tenderloin
grilled pineapple 

roasted balsalmic potatoes and onions (this wasn’t very popular.  Sorry, Jamie Oliver.  Not everything is a big hit)
corn on the cob with thyme
foccaccia (from the farmers market)
coconut cream pie (a request from The Father of the House)

I lifted the pork and pineapple recipes directly from the New York Times Magazine article in The Way We Eat.  (Take a boo at the article too.  I love the idea of a monthly neighbourhood potluck.  It is just that we aren’t living in the right neighbourhood for that).

But: holy marinade ingredients, Batman!  

There are no less than 14 ingredients in the pork marinade.  But an added bonus is that you boil the marinade afterwards and use it as a sauce.  So it isn’t wasted.


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